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The Thanksgiving Buckle Outfit

Today is the day we come together and celebrate the joining of Pilgrims and the Indians for Thanksgiving, at least it is in the United States. The Pilgrims had buckles–on their hats, shoes, belts, and probably a few other things–so it’s a perfect time to unleash your inner Puritan with your own modern buckled options. And by modern, I mean based off of designs from 50-70 years ago.

What? Is that connection too weak for you? It’s Thanksgiving, why are you even here reading about jeans?! Shouldn’t you be spending time with your family, eating until your pants don’t fit anymore? That’s what I’m doing right now, I wrote this article three days ago specifically so I could. At this very moment, I’m probably passed out in a tryptophan and red wine induced haze, while the light from the Eagles-Cowboys game reflects off of my drool. You should be right there with me.

Here are your buckles:

Fair Ends Auburn Twill Cap

Now this ain’t your typical black felt pilgrim hat, but Fair Ends makes all of their caps out of 100% cotton twill in the USA. They’ve got a nylon webbing strap on the back and a plastic buckle for heads of all sizes. They’ll even stitch on 1-3 letters of your choosing at no cost!

$48 at Fair Ends

Filson x Nigel Cabourn Clip Coat


When two bastions of men’s heritage wear team up, great things happen. From the CC Filson capsule collection, British archival clothing expert Nigel Cabourn and the Seattle Americana brand have created a 16oz. waxed cotton barn coat with an 18oz. wool liner. And, true to this article’s theme, the coat also incorporates the same “fireman’s buckles” that Cabourn uses on his Camerman Jacket. Although it’s cheaper than Cabourn’s mainline, the Clip Coat still demands a pretty steep price.

$785 at Context Clothing

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1937 501xx


The 1937 501 jean was a triple threat, in that it had a buckleback AND suspender buttons AND belt loops. Talk about options when it comes to keeping your pants up. They still sewed the arcuates on individually and this model still had a crotch rivet, so this was really the kitchen sink when it came to 501s. It’s made from a 10oz. unsanforized denim that shrinks up to 12oz. after a wash, so expect them to get a good bit more fitted once they touch water.

$260 at Brooklyn Denim Co.

Now let’s get a close up of that buckle back:


Quoddy Ring Boot


The Ring Boot definitely draws a good bit of inspiration from the non-Pilgrim side of the table. Hand-stitched in Maine, Quoddys signature piece of footwear manages to look traditional but completely new and unexpected at the same time. They’re also really, really comfortable.

$375 at Quoddy

Tanner Goods Standard Belt


This one’s fairly self-explanatory. Belts have buckles. This is a belt. Therefore, it has a buckle.

$105 at Tanner Goods

Duluth Pack Scout Pack


The Duluth Pack company has been producing quality carry goods in Minnesota since 1882, well before the advent of zippers. And you know what they used before they had zippers? That’s right, buckles! Two of ’em, attached to English bridle leather straps and a 15oz. canvas body. And they’re pretty darned affordable as well.

$115 at Duluth Pack

Enjoy your turkey.

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