Loop & Weft LRC1021 Loopwheel Overlap Collar Pocket Tees


Loopwheel t-shirts from Japanese brand Loop & Weft.

Are you constantly without a place to store your Sacagewea dollars, your ATM receipts, or tiny tins of Altoids? Well, Loop & Weft designed their latest tees with you in mind. They’re small on pockets but big on construction.

The brand makes a bold claim with its simple motto of “best knitwear”, but from what we’ve seen, they can back it up. These tees are not only loopwheel knit, an incredibly time and labor intensive process for which there are only a couple hundred machines left in the world, but all of their source cotton is recycled and unbleached, making for one of the softest knits imaginable. The superlatives continue with the construction: triple-needle flatlocked seams, set in sleeves, and the tiniest of overlapped collars finish it off.

They’re available now for $84 in ivory and navy at Okayama Denim, so bring your big sized wallet.