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The Weekly Rundown: Celia Pym’s Vintage Norwegian Sweaters are Painstakingly Hand-Darned

There’s a ton of great stuff out there. And, while we would love to cover it all, we thought it best to just give it to you straight. The Weekly Rundown is here with the latest happenings from around the web.

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  • Shifting how sneakers are made — Quartz
  • This video shows how Indian madras is hand-loomed — Ivy Style
  • Celia Pym’s hand-darned Norwegian sweaters — Put This On
  • Our founding editor sits down for the 10@10 — Clobbercalm
  • Mickey Drexler leaves J. Crew — Quartz
  • The Mount Rushmore of Denim Jackets — Canoe Club
  • Bedouin tribes’ fashion lessons — Ponytail Journal