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Denim and Wabash are Toppings for the Jelado x RFW Naan Pizza Sneakers

Domino’s might charge you extra if you ask for denim and wabash on your pizza, but the collaborative effort of Jelado and RFW wouldn’t do you dirty like that.

Their inexplicably named “Naan Pizza” Slip-On Sneaker might be an inside joke we don’t understand, but what does come across is the excellent quality and construction of this summertime essential. If there’s a better summer shoe than a slip-on sneaker, I haven’t found it; and this one goes the extra mile by throwing 8oz. wabash and denim into the mix. This attention to construction doesn’t end with the upper, of course. The extra-thick, vulcanized rubber outsole is complemented by a cushioned insole, perfect for those days when you skip the socks and wear your shoes foot-commando.

This pie is available for £210 (~$270 USD) at Clutch Cafe.