Kiriko Made Drops a Small Collection Of Pre-Worn Japanese Denim Trucker Jackets

There’s no shortage of vintage denim jackets, but there is a marked shortage of good ones. The most iconic silhouettes in denim jacket history are often prohibitively expensive. Oftentimes it can be a nightmare to verify the age of the pieces and not feel like you’re getting ripped off.

There’s a pretty big loophole, though. What if you bought modern vintage? Kiriko Made has begun carrying classic repro jackets made from Japanese brands in the 90s ( that give the look and feel of the classics without the exorbitant price tag and fake potential.

Some almost 30 years old, these jackets have plenty of good wear, but are in far better condition than most of their inspiration pieces, many of which date back a century. It’s a good way to get an awesome faded jacket for summer without any of the worry.

Available from $175 at Kiriko.