The Factory Made Comes Through With More Beautiful Sashiko Ball Caps

For a classic cap that more than meets the eye, look no further than The Factory Made FM702 Cap. At first glance, you’ll find a 6-panel traditional ball cap. You might even notice its ventilation holes and adjustable click and release strap. However, it’s the 100% cotton sashiko fabric that takes a second to notice under the dark dye, which sets this made-in-Japan cap apart.

Sometimes the best way to subtly set an outfit apart is to mix up the fabrics, not the color of what you are wearing – and this hat is a perfect example. Headwear subtlety at its finest.  Not only does the sashiko pattern add a whole new texture to your outfit, the more your wear the hat, the betters it’s going to look. The blue hues are going to pop and that bumpy, indigo reptile scaly goodness is only going to become more pronounced. Go figure.

Available for $110 at Clutch Cafe