Buzz Rickson’s Reproduces Us Army M-1926 Melton Wool Overcoat

Between World War I and II, the greatest enemy to all was the cold weather, and the Army’s M-1926 Wool Overcoat – Short was appointed 4-star general in the war against the frigid temps. And now, 100+ years later, for the first time, those same cold temperatures are back, and Buzz Rickson’s is carrying on the baton to keep you toasty warm this fall and winter with a faithful remake of an M-1926.

Made from a thick melton wool blanket fabric, this unlined coat is perfect for layering and features a double-breasted front closure, a ‘Norfolk style’ adjustable belt prevalent in the 1920s, generous with a capital “G” waist pockets, and a glorious xl shawl collar. Coming in at thigh-length and using beautifully contrasted pipping along the interior seams, it’s everything you need in a coat and like 90% of what you need for a sleeping bag. So don’t miss a chance to experience an artifact of the past, brought back for the present and future, because if the 10-decade-long hibernation didn’t give you the idea, this thing is timeless.

Available for $403 from Hinoya