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Cellulosic Fibres

What does Cellulosic Fibres mean?

The chemical processing of short cotton fibres, linters, or wood pulp produce fibres like rayon, acetate, and triacetate. Other materials modified to produce fibres include protein, glass, metals, and rubber.

Heddels explains Cellulosic Fibres

Cellulose or cellulosic fibers are fibers structured from cellulose, a starch-like carbohydrate. They are created by dissolving natural materials such as cellulose or wood pulp, which are then regenerated by extrusion and precipitation.

Cellulose fibers can be used to create a wide range of fabrics, from a heavy denim or corduroy to a light muslin or organza. Examples of cellulose fibers include hemp, linen, cotton, ramie, and sisal.

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Visual of cellulosic fibres:

Raw Denim Term - Cellulosic Fiber

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