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What does Chino mean?

The name came from both the trouser style worn by British Colonial troops in the 1800′s and the fabric used for the fabric. Today a cotton trouser is considered as a chino and the fabric would be considered as a tightly woven 2 ply right hand 3×1 combed cotton twill.

Heddels explains Chino

The term chino comes from the Spanish word meaning “Chinese”. Chinos became popular in the United States after the Spanish American War, when soldiers brought the trousers home from the Philippines.

Chino‘s are durable, light weight, and traditionally khaki-colored, though they can be gray or brown. Chino’s are common in warmer climates because of their light weight and breathability.

Additional Resources

Though chino‘s come in several cuts and colours, khaki chino‘s typically look like below:

Raw Denim Term - Chino