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Cotton Inspection

What does Cotton Inspection mean?

The grading, and classing of cotton to facilitate interstate and foreign commerce in cotton by providing official quality determinations.

Heddels explains Cotton Inspection

The grading process for cotton is based on three factors: the color of the cotton, the purity (lack of foreign particles), and the length of the fibers.

The color of the cotton is determined by temperature, humidity, sunlight, and other conditions during the growing period, and ranges from white to yellowish. The purity is based on the amount of foreign matter such as leaves and seed coat splinters present in the cotton, along with the quality of the ginning process. Fiber length is a genetic characteristic of the cotton, though poor environmental conditions may also affect it.

Additional Resources

Cotton dirty with foreign particles and prior to inspection:

Raw Denim Term - Cotton Inspection

Raw Denim Term - Cotton Inspection

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