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What does Courtaulds mean?

Serves as one of the oldest and largest textile groups in the world. Split into 2 groups, Courtaulds Textiles with fabric production, garment manufacturing and retail; and Courtaulds PLC, a chemical company which produces fibres and has recently developed and marketed “Tencel”.

Heddels explains Courtaulds

Founded by Samuel Courtauld in the UK, Courtaulds started as a silk mill. The company split in two into Courtaulds Textiles and Courtaulds PLC in 1990.

Today, Courtaulds Textiles is the largest producer of underwear and lingerie in England. Courtaulds PLC began producing synthetic fibers, and was responsible for the development of “Tencel”.

It became Courtaulds UK Limited in 2006 and is now an international fabric and clothing company.