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Dry Denim

What is Dry Denim?

A type of jeans that are unwashed and have minimal wear. Also referred to as raw denim.

Heddels explains Dry Denim

Jeans made out of dry denim are stiff with a deep indigo color and it is up to the wearer to break them in. Unlike prewashed or distressed denim, dry denim allows the wearer to customize the pants to his/her body type, with creases and fade marks forming to his/her unique shape.

During the first few months of wear, it is recommended that you does not wash the denim in order to allow the creases and faded areas to fully develop. When you do finally wash your jeans, use cold water and a detergent specifically made for dark colors such as Woolite Black. Finally, hang the jeans up and allow them to air dry. For more detailed information, there are many helpful guides about the care and washing of dry denim online.

Additional Resources

Here is an example of dry denim: