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Hoechst Celanese

What does Hoechst Celanese mean?

A producer of fibers used in denim production. They produce a wide range of products from plastics to pharmaceuticals to fibres.

Heddels explains Hoechst Celanese

Hoechst Celanese began and ended as two different companies: Celanese and Hoechst. Doctors Henri Dreyfus and Camille Dreyfus established Cellonit in 1913 in Switzerland to produce cellulose acetate fibers. In 1927, the company became Celanese and began manufacturing plastics and chemicals in addition to fibers. Hoechst, on the other hand, was formed near Frankfurt, Germany in 1863 and originally manufactured synthetic dyes. By the end of the nineteenth century, it had also begun producing chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Hoechst acquired Celanese in 1987, forming Hoechst Celanese. However, in 1999 the two companies demerged into Hoechst AG and Celanese AG due to the fact that Hoechst wanted to focus its efforts on life sciences. Today, Hoechst AG is a subsidiary of Sanofi-Aventis, a worldwide pharmaceutical company. Celanese, now an independent company, is one of the largest manufacturers of acetyl products and serves businesses primarily in the chemical, paint, and adhesive industries.

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Here is a picture of one of their factories:

Heddels Definition - Hoechst Celanese