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Train Tracks

What does Train Tracks mean?

Taking the shape of a long strip that resembles train track rails, Train Tracks in denim-speak is a type of fade pattern found along the leg outseam.

Heddels explains Train Tracks

Like any fade pattern (e.g. honeycombs, whiskers, etc.), Train Tracks come about by wearing denim for a long period of time and are specifically due to the abrasion caused by the interior of the leg outseam pressing against the denim surface.

Since the outseam doesn’t receive as much stress and tension as other parts of the denim, it is certainly a harder fade pattern to achieve. However, one way to expedite the Train Track fade process is by simply flattening the outseam prior to wearing; either with your hand or an iron!

Additional Resources

For more information on Train Tracks, head over to Raw Denim Fades – Train Tracks. Below are a couple shots of Train Track fades:


Notice the worn-in strip along the leg outseams? On the left is a pair of well worn Samurai 5kb, on the right is a pair of equally well-faded LVC 1947.