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What does Weave mean?

The composition of yarns woven together to produce a design and varies on the number of warps and wefts. There are many different types of weaves depending on the style of garment.

Heddels explains Weave

The weave of a material refers to the particular interlacing pattern of warp and weft threads used to create the fabric during weaving, a process that dates back as far as the Palaeolithic era. Most fabrics are made with either a plain weave, a satin weave, or a twill weave; however, artistic textiles such as tapestries involve highly complicated weaving sequences to produce images in the material. For jeans, the denim is typically woven with a right hand twill, left hand twill, or broken twill.

Additional Resources

Here is an example of different weaves:

Heddels Definitions - Weave