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J.Crew – Bringing Raw Denim To The Masses

If you’ve kept up with men’s fashion in the last few years, you’ve no doubt heard of J.Crew. In 2010, their head designer Frank Muytjens was chosen as one of GQ’s Best New Designers, and their product collaborations seem to be endlessly popular.

It appears that after last year’s collaboration with Japanese denim brand Warehouse they’ve gradually been making more headway into the raw denim business, and they’re using Japanese denim to do it.

Not content with sticking to just their popular 484 denim line, they now offer selvedge denim and chambray shirts, a limited stock of LVC products, as well as a number of selvedge/raw accessories.

Like it or not, J.Crew is one of the leading forces making raw denim a must-have for the trendy and fashion conscious, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

JCrew 484 Jeans Raw Selvedge

J.Crew’s 484 Jeans in Raw Selvedge

JCrew 484 Indigo WarpWeft

484 Jeans in Indigo Warp & Weft

JCrew Selvedge Denim Shirt

J.Crew’s Selvedge Denim Work Shirt

JCrew Kato Chambray Shirt

J.Crew x KATO Selvedge Chambray Shirt

JCrew Wallace&Barnes Raw Selvedge Tote Bag

Wallace & Barnes Raw Selvedge Tote Bag

JCrew Wallace&Barnes Raw Selvedge Tote Inside

Selvedge inside the Wallace & Barnes Tote Bag

JCrew HillSide Chambray Pocket Square

The HillSide’s Selvedge Chambray Pocket Square

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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