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10 Pairs Of Raw Denim With 34″+ Inseams

Being tall and being fashionable is not always an easy feat to accomplish. Personally being 6’3”, I have constantly struggled with finding denim that is able to fit me exactly the way that I want. So here’s the long-overdue shout out to all the tall guys, who want more than anything to find a pair of raw denim that will actually fit them.

Along with the help of some of our other taller writers, we have found 10 pairs of raw denim that have inseam lengths all above 34”. Finally, you won’t be looking with envy at your shorter companions and seeing the crazy stacks and options they get from their denim.

1. 3sixteen (37″)

3sixteen Denim


3sixteen‘s jeans have seams tailored to the taller population across the board, their inseams all coming in at 37”. From the CS to the ST styles, they stay consistent in producing this length and usually feature a 14.5Oz. weight for all their jeans. For those who are looking for a medium weight jean and want many options that range between classic straight and slim looks, these are perfect for you.

They have the classic raw indigo color-ways and even some deviation with grey selvedge, shadow selvedge, and pure black color-ways. As an established company with a strong following, there’s no doubt you will be buying some of the best product available.

Available at Franklin and Poe.

2. Rogue Territory (36″)

Rogue Territory Denim

Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory is an LA-based brand who strive to promote locally made products and produce the highest quality possible. Their raw denim selections stay consistently at 36”, while their other types of pants range from 35” – 36”, which is great for us tall guys.

Along with the SK model, their iconic Stantons are 14.5 Oz., and come in raw or pre-washed styles. Rogue Territory is great for those guys who are not only looking for raw denim, but are also looking for great alternatives to their daily grind.  Their safari trousers, officer trousers, AR-G trousers and high-quality tee-shirt collection really make their company a one-stop shop for your needs.

Available at Redcast Heritage

3. NOIR (37”)

Noir Denim


NOIR is an Australian menswear brand that has been able to stay under the radar for the time being, but the quality of their products has not. Bother of the their offering – the Jean 001 and Jean02 – come in 37″ inseams, with the former being 13 Oz. and cut with slim straight fit; and latter at 17 Oz. and showcasing more of a looser straight leg fit. Available at Up There Store for $319.00 AUD Discontinued.

4. Momotaro (36″)

Momotaro Denim


Momotaro’s motto is “Made by hand without compromise,” so you know you’re going to choose right by picking up a pair for yourself. Some people get absolutely hooked by the hand-made texture in their jeans and fortunately Momotaro has three set fits for their denim: classic straight, slim tapered, and tight straight, all of which are produced with a 36” inseam.

Depending on the style, their weight can range from 14.7 Oz. to 15.7 Oz. Check out Momotaro’s website to see illustrations of the different fits for yourself.

Available at Hinoya.

5. Railcar (35″)

Railcar Denim


Railcar Fine Goods brings together tactical details and vintage techniques, utilizing every inch of their denim such that every part of it serves a purpose. Their denim weights range from 12 Oz. – 16 Oz, and come from either American Cone Mills or factories in Japan.

Railcar has unique styles and color-ways for their products, all with 35” inseam. If you’re looking for “outside of the box” styles with super durability, Railcar is worth a browse. They’re al known for their great repair work.

6. Tellason (up to 35″)

Tellason Denim


Tellason is another San Francisco-based company that seeks to make the proper pair of men’s jeans. The inseams of their products range from 34”-35”, which places it at the shorter end of our longer inseam list.

The majority of their product is variations on blue indigo denim and all of it is produced from Cone Mills, then constructed in California. Their products range from 12.5 Oz – 16.5 Oz. and suitable for guys who still haven’t found the style of jeans that fits their body best. They have a myriad of different styles, so take a look at their gallery and see all the different fits.

Available at Tellason.

7. Kapital (35″)

Kapital Denim


Including both their denim and non-denim items, Japan’s Kapital produces very detail-oriented and unique goods which make for a wearing experience like no other. Their denim weight and inseam vary between pairs, so it’s vital to look into each fit when considering purchasing.

Specifically, the weight can range from 13.75 Oz. – 15 Oz. while some inseams are 34” – 35”. Even though their website is in Japanese, it is worthwhile to check out the fits they deem “basic” and those which are “creations”  as it will help every interested buyer with trying to find the perfect pair.

Available at Blue in Green.

8. Oni Raw (35″)

Oni Denim


Oni is a Japanese company who still believes in doing denim differently. Considered one of the most slubby and texture-rich denim creators in the world, their denim weighs anywhere from  14oz.-20oz. (note: the 20 Oz. pair is amongst their newest releases).

However, the inseam of their denim measure a consistent 35” and they currently sell OX Canvas and Blue Indigo color-ways. The Oni craftsmanship and unique insignias really make their denim stand out above the rest. If you find yourself looking for a trusted, albeit more costly, pair of denim, make sure you look into Oni before you buy.

Available at Hinoya.

9. Samurai (39″)

Samurai Denim


Samurai is a brand that practically every denim enthusiast has heard of at least once (if just because they tend to make for a good Fade Friday). Due to their quality, fit, craftsmanship, length, and/or handmade precision, Samurai remains one of the most talked about and most gawked over.

Their inseams are at a record high of 39”, so there’s no way you can be too tall to wear these. While many do soak their Samurai in order to shrink them, tall folks might be able to get away without having to do so (depending on your preference).

Their denim can range from 15oz. – 21oz., which makes them amongst the top contenders for heaviest denim as well. Since Samurai Jeans only releases styles in very limited bunches, if you plan on getting a pair then make sure to have your money ready.

Available at Redcast Heritage.

10. Studio D’Artisan (37.5″)

Studio D'Artisan Denim

Studio D’Artisan

Studio D’Artisan is another Japanese company pushing the envelope in the denim world. While their blue indigo selvedge is amongst the elite, they also have many other styles like the chino trousers and already hand-distressed denim.

When browsing through their catalogue, make sure to take a look at their inseam because they are not all uniform in length. Their denim ranges from about 34.5” – 37.5,” but they keep their denim weight at a consistent 15 Oz. Studio D’Artisan creates more than just denim jeans, so make sure to take a look at their other products as well.

Available at Hinoya.

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