The Heddels Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and as loyal Heddels readers will know that means our yearly gift guides. This year’s standard gift guide contains more than just selvedge denim, with clothing, footwear, and accessories that would make any denimhead elated. While we all love material things as much as the next person, remember this is a season of giving.

1) RoToTo: Cotton Waffle Sock

The-Heddels-Holiday-Gift-Guide-2021 1) RoToTo: Cotton Waffle Sock

Some denimheads have a bad habit of buying all the clothing, shoes, and accessories that they need and wearing them into the ground, leaving the gift-givers a bit unsure of what would be useful. And that’s just why socks are such a great present — no matter how many you have, you can always use and appreciate more. RoToTo’s Cotton Waffle socks are a great option; these 94%/4%/2% cotton/polyester/polyurethane blend socks are made in Japan with a phenomenal waffle texture that is insulating, soft, and stretchy.

Available for $26 from Stag Provisions.

2) Teamster Tees

What better gift than that of responsible manufacturing? It’s like a present for the person who receives it and the people who made it. Our Teamster Tees are made in Huntington Park, California by workers affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, one of the largest labor unions in North America. They’re heavy, tough, and will be a hit with anyone who’s a fan of The Irishman.

Available from $22 at Heddels Shop.

3) Naked and Famous: Elephant X


No matter how many pairs of raws a denimhead has, they can always find room for another pair. Naked and Famous’ Elephant line of heavyweight jeans is a little piece of denim history and their latest iteration, the Elephant X, is as attractive as ever with its 19oz. sanforized selvedge denim, gunmetal weft, and 10oz. leather patch. Heavyweight denim isn’t for everyone, but once you get your giftee talking about selvedge I’m sure it won’t be too hard to suss out that little piece of knowledge.

Available for $184 from Blue Owl.

4) Superga: 24xx-MS High Top Sneakers


Rugged canvas sneakers with wraparound rubber soles are having a bit of a renaissance these last few years, with Superga’s 24xx-MS High Top Sneakers being a fan favorite. Their decades of sneaker making skills can be seen in the final product with its natural rubber outsole, metal eyelets, and cushioned sole. Available in tons of colors and fabrics, you’ll certainly be able to find a match the taste of whoever you’re shopping for.

Available for $153 from Superga USA.

5) Universal Works: Lumber Jacket


Some of the best gifts are comfy, soft, and warm, and that’s just why Universal Works’ Lumber Jacket is on this list. This chore-coat inspired piece features a hairy, 65%/35% wool/polyester blend fabric and a smooth, cotton lining. Featuring two large hand pockets and two smaller chest pockets, this is the ultimate going-on-a-walk coat for those not too chilly days.

Available for $250 from Glasswing Shop.

6) L.L. Bean: Wicked Good Moccasins


We’ve written about L.L. Beans Wicked Good Moccasins many times but honestly it’s well deserved. In a time when more and more folks are working from home, having a good pair of slippers is a must. These moccasins are made with shearling to ensure you feet are as warm as the slippers are durable; they’re finished with a rubber sole so you can wear them both inside or for a quick jaunt outside without working about slipping or the soles wearing down.

Available for $79 from L.L. Bean.

7) S.N.S. Herning: Roll Neck Fisherman Sweater


S.N.S. Herning makes some of the sweaters that we’re all obsessed with, and their Roll Neck Fisherman Sweater is one of their best offerings. The bobble knit stitch ensures the best insulation for maximum warmth, and the rolled turtleneck collar gives that much more resistance against the cold. Holiday sweaters might be a trite gift but they’re trite for a reason: a good sweater is a wonderful thing, and just about everyone would be happy with another.

Available for $249 from End.

8) Strauss-Malcolm Faribault Woolen Mills Blanket Vest

What are clothes but blankets styled for your body? That’s the question that Strauss-Malcolm endeavored to answer with their Blanket Vest. Cut from a luxurious virgin merino wool blanket made by Faribault Woolen Mills, this vest is upcycling in the best possible fashion. Made in New York’s Garment District, this two-pocket vest will be with whoever receives it for years to come.

Available for $138 at Heddels Shop.