Iron Heart Whips Up A Whipcord M-51

Embrace your inner mod with the Iron Heart Whipcord M-51 Type Field Coat. We’re guessing that you probably won’t go the full on mod route when wearing this heavy duty parka, unless tailored suits are your thing, then all you’ll need after picking this one up is a trip to the barber and a vespa. Maybe a cigarette.

This ain’t your dad’s old M-51 parka, no, but your dad would probably like this one just as much. He’s not gonna miss that old OD green army-issue fabric when he sees Iron Heart’s black whipcord (AKA jungle cloth)- this stuff is perfect for a jacket that you want to last forever. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll know what I mean, it’s way better than what they wore in the trenches.

Details on the M-51 Type Field Coat include blanket liner, quilt-lined sleeves, fishtail back, drawstring hem and waist, two flap-closure hip pockets, two welted zipper-closure chest pockets, drawstring-adjustable hood with leather toggles, and adjustable cuffs.

Available for $750 at Iron Heart International.