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11 Denim Heads To Follow On Instagram

If you’re like me, you probably spend too much amount of time on Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc. While it’s most likely true that less time can be spent looking at shameless selfies, puppy photos, and pictures of food, I’ve found that apps like Instagram can be a great resource to learn more what’s going on in the denim world.

Many brands are already very active in posting updates and announcements but there is also a very active movement where people are posting their own photos that shows off their denim collection and provides an idea of how certain brands fit and wear in over time.

Without further adieu, here are 11 accounts on Instagram that we’ve found and follow. Of course there are probably plenty more accounts that we’re not aware so give a shout out to any one we may have missed in the comments below.

While you’re at it too, don’t forget to follow us via @RawrDenim!



Jeffdepano is a Seattle-based guy who has worked together with shops like Blue Owl and has a love of Japanese denim. His Instagram is great to see how different brands fit and also the way he puts together outfits shows off how everything can be styled together.  He’s not afraid of the Canadian tuxedo and wears it well. He posts regularly and if you ever have any questions about the brands he’s wearing, Jeffdepano is more than willing to answer them.



To say Allen1415 loves denim would be an understatement. This guy has a huge appetite for vintage American workwear inspired clothing. His impressive collection consists of denim brands like Mister Freedom, Rising Sun, The Flat Head, Red Cloud as well as non-denim brands like Himel Brothers, White’s and more. He posts a lot so it’ll be easy to spend a lot of time looking through his pictures and feeling pretty jealous of him.



Banditphotographer is well known in the denim community for his work with brands like White Horse Trading Co, Mister Freedom, and Jack Knife. He often gets access to see not-yet released and rare pieces from all over the world. His photos are always beautifully taken and consists of shots of himself, products from various brands, and behind the scenes photos from his adventures as he travels around for shoots.



Farhadsamari is also a photographer who works closely with Banditphotographer. He takes some amazing portraits of denim heads and also shoots campaigns for brands like The Flat Head. The photos he posts range from previews shots of the product and people he’s working with to personal shots of himself and those around him.



Thecincinnatisensation is based in LA. and it seems like he has a large closet full of well curated clothes. He’s mastered the above the head shots of himself which is great for ideas on how to create outfits as well as getting an idea of how denim breaks in over time. Once in a while, you’ll be able to get some sneak peaks at upcoming pieces from various brands like Rogue Territory.



At this point, it’s safe to say that everybody on here has a great collection of clothes and Rudy_workingmansblues is no exception. Based in Amsterdam, he has tastes that are more American workwear inspired with modern cuts. A lot of European brands are featured in his outfits as well as some unique vintage pieces.



Denimbrotherhood is different from the other accounts in that it’s more focused on very rare vintage denim pieces found in the Harris Denim Collection. It’s a great resource to see photos of some of the first denim pieces ever made. It’s amazing to see how much denim has changed and also stayed the same for the last 100+ years.



The description on the account says “Collector of Ralph Lauren” and that basically sums it up for 1lrg. He has a huge Ralph Lauren collection that includes both new and old Ralph Lauren pieces. Most of the photos are focused on his daily outfits which is great to peruse and see how much Ralph Lauren has done across all its different brands.



Mrks969 lives in Italy and has a love for  vintage and workwear styles. He posts regularly of his outfits and also of closeups on more unique products that he has. His style is pretty specific but for those that are looking for inspirations on how to layer your different workwear shirts, vests, jackets, and boots with raw denim, a few minutes looking at Mrks969’s account will give you some good ideas.



If you enjoy Mrks969‘s style, then you’ll want to also go ahead and follow Paulyq1966. He features plenty of mid 1900s inspired denim, jackets, shirts, and accessories. For those of you who have a few vintage pieces and aren’t sure exactly what to do with it, refer to Paulyq1966 to see how it can all be styled together.



Stepping away from the vintage stylings is Beard_ewing who leans towards more modern workwear inspired styles. He’s a good example of how to wear a pair of jeans over a long period time so it’s great to see the kinds of fading that are possible when you actually wear them. As an added bonus, he’ll also show pictures of some of the leather pieces he makes on the side.

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