Fade of the Day – Voyej Lanyard II and Keychain (2 years)

What goes better with denim than a nice piece of finely-aged leather? Today’s fade is a couplet of leather pieces that come to us from Indonesia. Reader Altwins has worn his Voyej Lanyard II and Keychain paired together for 2 years, and they’re showing their wear well. Alt wins treated them once with Obenauf’s Leather Preservatives, and countless times with lime.

Check out Altwins’ exploits on Instagram.


  • Name: Voyej Lanyard II and Keychain
  • Material: US natural vegetable-tanned cowhide Leather (Lanyard II), and Mexican Chahin saddle skirt leather
  • Unique Features:
    • Hand stitching
    • Burnished edges
    • Solid brass hardware
  • Keychain available for $17 at Voyej, Lanyard II currently unavailable.