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Fade of the Day – Leather Goods & Supply Karl Veg Tan Wallet (6 Months)

Always a good companion and complement to your raw denim jeans, a natural veg-tan wallet can tell a story through its patina as much as your jeans can through their fades. For 6 months of casual wear, this Karl Veg Tan Wallet from Leather Goods & Supply has been picking up patina. With some care in the form of Obenauf’s LP, the result is a beautiful golden brown color on the outside and an almost brand new natural color on the inside.


  • Name: Leather Goods & Supply Karl Veg Tan Wallet
  • Material: Natural veg tan cow leather
  • Other features:
    • Natural sinew thread
    • Hand burnished
  • Available for 250RM (~$67USD) at The Yard Dry Goods.