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Founder of Marc Nelson Denim Heads to Prison for Illegal Gambling Ring

Have you ever walked into your favorite denim store looking for a pair of high-quality, locally made jeans only to find out that the brand was really a front to launder money from an illegal gambling operation? Well, Marc Nelson Denim customers know the feeling.

Marcus Hall, a founder of Marc Nelson Denim, has recently been taken to prison following a recent investigation conducted by the IRS in which he pled guilty to owning a gambling enterprise as well as conspiracy to money laundering.

Hall, in partnership with Clarence Lee McDowell and Maurice Damone McDowell, had operated several businesses including a liquor store, a market, and a property management LLC, in addition to Marc Nelson Denim as fronts for laundering the gambling revenue.

The gambling operation had been taking place since 2009 and was based on the Illinois state lottery. Hall admits that the gambling proceeds even kept his business running.

Interestingly, he says that Marc Nelson Denim will continue uninterrupted.

Via the Knoxville News Sentinel.