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Quoddy Handsewn Women’s Campadrille Moc

What do you get when you cross a camp moccasin with an espadrille? A campadrille, duh. Okay, it might be a newly coined term from Maine’s own Quoddy, but it’s the best combination of the two words. This new chimera of a shoe is aimed at the ladies and it’s what you get when you put a ballet slipper and a mocassin in a room with Marvin Gaye on the stereo.

Using true moccasin construction, everything about it is customizable aside from the requisite Horween Chromepak sole, which is handsewn to the upper with cross stitches. It’s prepped for summer wear and will likely last longer than most other shoes in the category.

Available for $279 at Quoddy.