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Fade Friday – The Strike Gold 5109 (2 Years, 3 Soaks)

Take one look at Steve Lafleur’s two-year-old streaky, slubby The Strike Gold 5109 jeans and it’s easy to understand why they’re worthy of this week’s Fade Friday spotlight. A lot of the wear and tear is attributed to daily bike rides, and it’s also the likely cause for the crotch blowout, which has since been repaired thanks to the crew at Self Edge LA.

Overall, the dye has faded dramatically from the original dark indigo but it’s done so superbly. Gradual lap fades and slight whiskers speak to Steve’s bike riding tendencies, while the heavy honeycombs and stacks reminds us that these are jeans made to stand up to the rigours of life on the go!

The Strike Gold 5109 Raw Denim Jeans