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The Heddels Extravagant Holiday Wish List 2016

Whether you consider yourself to be a denimhead, a boot fanatic, or a general purveyor of well-made clothing, one thing remains the same: quality is key. But that quality comes at a price. You might not always be able to pick up the pieces you want, but the vast majority of us are in that boat. There is no harm appreciating high end clothing from a far, and it can really help you to understand what you look for in a garment.

This week we have compiled a list of some incredibly unique and high-end pieces for you to ogle at. Whether you are simply browsing or decide to splurge on your next purchase, we hope you enjoy the list we have put together.

S.E.H Kelly: Work Jacket Handwoven Wool/Linen Check


S.E.H Kelly’s entire line of clothing is spectacular, but their Work Jacket is perhaps the most sought after. This iteration is primarily constructed from a handwoven wool/linen fabric but also features a half-lining made from melton wool. All the materials are sourced from within the United Kingdom, and each jacket is sewn right in London. Chore coats are incredibly popular these days, but this one is just so much more refined than the competition.

All are available for £450 at S.E.H Kelly.

Rider Boot by Silvano Sassetti: SS ‘Antelme’ Shell Cordovan


Rider Boot is known for their high quality boots and affordable prices, but their designs have always been simplistic; beautiful, but simplistic. That all ended when they teamed up with Silvano Sassetti for this latest collaboration. Together they put together a boot that is more similar to those produced by artisanal brands than casual footwear companies. The Antelme is available in three colors of hand-distressed shell cordovan with a crepe midsole, St. Moritz outsole, and Norwegian welt. The actual pattern is as simplistic as they come, but combined with these elements a truly unique boot was created.

Available for $515 from Rider Boot in Brown, Black, and Color #8.

Joe McCoy: Double Face Loopwheel Hoodie

Joe McCoy: Double Face Loopwheel Hoodie

Joe McCoy: Double Face Loopwheel Hoodie

I admit it: I like loopwheel clothing way too much. And if I were to only own one loopwheel hoodie for the rest of my life I’d make it Joe McCoy’s Double Face Loopwheel Hoodie. It is constructed from two layers of loopwheel fabric so the same smooth outer fabric will also adorn the inside. This makes the hoodie warmer, heavier, softer, and all around more enjoyable to wear. This sweatshirt doesn’t come cheap, but if you want the Grand Poobah of sweatshirts there is no alternative.

Available for $260 from Superdenim in Grey and Navy.

Samurai Jeans: S710XX 19Oz.


Samurai is one of the most impressive denim makers out there, but they were always critiqued for the same thing: no slim fits. Over the last few years they’ve taken steps to address this, and their S710XX is a great example of how far they’ve come. Now we love our classically fitting jeans, but sometimes you just want a slim fit — and it’s nice to be able to get it from the best. This particular model is made from 19Oz. denim with all the attention to detail you’d expect from a top tier jeans company.

Available for $232 from Denimio.

Gitman Vintage: Flannel Button Down Shirt in Loden Green


If there is one brand suggested for those who are trying to get into high quality shirting it’s Gitman Bros. Vintage. They have a ton of fits, fabrics, and styles, and their prices are very reasonable for what you get. A simple flannel might seem like a weird thing to include on this list, but everyone needs some warms shirts that they can reach for on those cold mornings. And there’s not better choice than Gitman’s Flannel in Loden Green. It’s simple, classic, and will be there when you want it.

Available for $180 from Unionmade Goods.

Stephan Schneider: Lake Crewneck Sweater in Wool/Mohair


Stephan Schneider is a brand we don’t get to talk about often enough, and that’s unfortunate. Their designs, materials, and construction are top notch, and they deserve props for their hard work. The Lake Crewneck is constructed in Belgium from a wool/mohair blend that has a small amount of nylon added for durability. It will make a fine addition to anyone’s wardrobe so be careful: if you buy this intending to give it as a gift it might just end up in your closet by mistake.

Available for $320 from No Man Walks Alone in Taupe and Navy.

Schott: B-3 Shearling Bomber


Schott is known as the United States leather jacket maker, so it seems only fitting that we feature them along with a classic American jacket design. The B-3 Shearling Bomber was first produced in the 1930’s by the Air Force — their pilots needed a warm jackets for cold weather flights, and shearling (both the leather and fleece of sheep) really fit the bill well. Its iconic design, most recognizable by the double buckled collar, remains popular to this day. Sadly, this jacket is most likely too warm for everyday wear. But if you are trying to find a jacket for those frigid days, accept no substitute.

Available for $1230 from Schott.

Roy Denim: RS-00 Classic Fit Jeans


Someone asked me to suggest a pair of American denim the other day and I realized something: with one-man denim machine Roy Slaper beginning to sell his jeans on his personal site again, I couldn’t suggest another brand in good faith. His quality of construction, attention to detail, design, and fit are unparalleled. And with the recent transition back to his own site and the subsequent lower price-point, there really isn’t a reason to not buy from him.

Available for $285 from Roy Denim.

Himel Brothers: 1929 Heron A-1 in Brown Horsehide


What can you say about Himel Brothers that hasn’t been said before. Their designs are classic, the materials top notch, and the craftsmanship is wonderful. There are a ton of leather jacket brands out there, and regardless of if you want an in-stock or made-to-order jacket, Himel Brothers can help you. Their price:quality ratio is fantastic, and once you handle one of their jackets in person it becomes all too easy to justify a purchase.

Available for $2250 at Independence Chicago.

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