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Rocky Mountain Featherbed Brown Paraffin Down Pullover Hoody

“Snug as a bug in a rug,” is not a phrase I use lightly, but I think it may be the most appropriate way to describe the way someone might feel in Rocky Mountain Featherbed‘s Brown Paraffin Down Pullover Hoody. The outer of this jacket is waxed with paraffin, making it resistant to the worst things the elements may throw at you and the inside is stuffed with down. You know, the stuff that makes your comforter so cozy and hard to leave in the Winter mornings.

This made in Japan hoody comes with a fixed hoody and a double-entry front pocket for keeping your lil’ hands warm too. Now, even as you brave your day-to-day during the bitter winter, you can take your warm bed with you (sort of).

Available for £387 (~$511) from The Bureau Belfast.