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Fade of the Day – Brettl’s Originals Wallet (3 Years)

Are you a sucker for handmade leather wallets with patina to boot? If so, you’ll love today’s Fade of the Day. Georg Brettmeiste of Germany sent in this Brettl’s Originals Wallet that he made himself, complete with all the bells and whistles a wallet could have, plus a coin purse pocket.

Georg hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary in the last four years of use to earn this patina. He simply carries it around with him everywhere he goes and lets time do its thing. What is unique about  this wallet is how the exterior actually lightened with use while the interior remained dark.

Little nicks and dings on the outside of the wallet, along with discoloration around the edges add to the well-worn look. Given the craftsmanship, this wallet will be paying bills for years to come.