Himel Bros.’ HB2 Rider’s Jacket is the Best Blend of Vintage and Modern

Himel Bros is typically one of those grail brands that you see often, but can never quite afford. Their Canadian-made leather jackets are beyond classic and their construction second-to-none.

Luckily for those budget shoppers among us, the folks at Himel are offering their first price-driven jacket—the HB2 Rider’s Jacket. Available now for pre-sale, the HB2 retails for $1,450, which for Horween-tanned horsehide, is a total bargain. The jacket is the exact same quality of Himel’s bespoke offerings, but, with a slightly more modern design, it should appeal to a wider consumer base than some of Himel’s more eccentric retro pieces.

Made in Toronto and slow-stitched with all-cotton American thread, the jacket comes in both natural and black, outfitted with Japanese hardware, epaulets, a belt, and the D-pocket that all leather jacket fans crave.

Available for presale now from Himel Bros.