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3sixteen 2 Pack Crewneck Heavyweight Tees Review

This review is a piece of our  Great White T-Shirt Review series, in which we tested nearly two dozen plain white t-shirts to help you understand what’s on the market today. In it, we tested for qualities like fit, construction quality, fabric density, shrinkage, and see-through-ness, amongst many others.

3sixteen has made this tee for years, and it’s understandable why many devotees have an entire drawer full of them. It has a soft and substantial knit, the fit is slim but not too slim, sure it’s not tube knit but that’s more of a nice to have, and the detailing is minimal and clean.

It’s unimpeachably a good t-shirt, and it doesn’t really aspire to be anything more than that. It feels a lot like a luxed-up version of the Kirkland Signature tee. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just doesn’t have a lot of character. If you’re looking for a neutral, workhorse item that’s going to last a couple of years of continuous use, 3sixteen is your tee. But by grinding off all the hard edges, it’s not one you can really get excited about.

By The Numbers

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Made in: USA
  • Postwash Fabric Density: 2.02g/LI (Heavy)
  • Postwash Total Weight: 213g
  • Construction: Overlock side seams
  • Postwash Measurements (inches):
    • Front Length: 23.75
    • Pit to Pit: 21.5
    • Shoulder to Shoulder: 17.5
    • Hem Width: 21
    • Neck Width: 6.5
    • Sleeve Length: 7
    • Sleeve Height: 8
  • Sizing Recommendation: True to Size
  • Shrinkage: 3.6%
  • Weight Loss: 4.1%
  • Price Per Shirt: $42.50
  • Available for $85 at Self Edge


The fit is your standard slim, dropping half an inch from the pits to the bottom hem. The shoulders fit perfectly and the neck is right in that sweet spot of hugging without constricting.

It could maybe do with another inch in length but I also have a longer torso than most.


The fabric on the 3sixteen is intense. It’s the second densest of all the tees reviewed and with a slimmer fit, you really feel it. It’s soft and substantial and could wear well on its own. The density, however, makes it not the ideal tee to use as an undershirt or to wear at the gym.

A fabric this dense also is nearly opaque on the sheerness test. I can hardly even tell there are letters under there.

Construction and Details

As we’ve come to expect from a 3sixteen garment, the construction quality is impeccable. All stitching is clean and even, there are no exposed raw edges, and there’s even that neat third row of stitches inexplicably under the collar for the overlock.

Speaking of overlock, if there’s one thing to knock 3sixteen for, it’s that there are overlocked side seams on this tee rather than it being tube knit. As seen in the flat pic, there’s already a little bit of twist in the body. I don’t see this as a big deal. Side seams aren’t really annoying unless you tuck your tee in, and the shorter body length makes that a little less feasible. It does seem out of character for 3sixteen though to not go all the way for tubeknit as they usually emphasize cleanliness and minimalism, but that may have been impossible with sourcing this heavy fabric.

Details are minimal and only include an unbleached herringbone tag in the collar, which kinda crinkles after a wash.


3sixteen makes a quality tee. One that is worth bearing their name on the collar. But if there’s a story to be found inside it, I’m unaware. It feels like a Lexus, high quality and reliable and decent to look at, but all of the eccentricities and character have been distilled out for the sake of a higher quality product.

Consider if:

  • You want a slim fit tee that’s also heavyweight
  • You’re a stickler for quality construction
  • You think you’re better than the Costco tee

Avoid if:

  • You’re tube knit or bust
  • You need every product in your life to have “lore”

Available for $85 at Self Edge

As mentioned, this was just one of many other reviews of plain white tees. Have a look at the full comprehensive review including all the other t-shirts.

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