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Anonymous Ism is Now Upgrading Your Undies

If you’re a fan of this site, you’re likely a fan of quality-made goods. Sometimes, though, we forget about our undergarments, opting for cheap multi-packs of scratchy sack pouches when we really ought to be taking our undies—and jewels—more seriously. Much like their socks, Anonymous Ism has their customer base reconsidering what a pair of underwear can and should be.

A peppering of Anonymous Ism Boxers are available, ranging from a patchwork bandana option, mild floral prints, and even a camo print is available. All are made in Japan, from 100% cotton poplin, basket-weave, and plain cotton materials. The silky smooth boxers are leveled up with mother of pearl buttons and also include a classic elastic waistband, and tonal stitching throughout.

Available from $50 at Need Supply.