Naked & Famous Drops In with Denim Skateboard Decks

Continuing to surprise us each season, Canada’s house of crazy denim creations, aka Naked & Famous, have dropped some skate decks this spring. As you might expect, these won’t be your average deck. Featuring two different graphics, the decks come with either ‘Tragic Blond’ and ‘Flower of Carnage’ design to the underside.

But the best trick this deck has is the grip tape, which, you may have guessed, is denim. Offered in Naked & Famous’ frantically slubby Frankenstein denim as well as their straight-forward 13.5oz. Indigo Denim, these denim decks will have some diehard fans flipping out. We’re not sure how much grip the denim will provide, but we do know that you’ll get some sick fades out of it. FADE OR DIE.

Available for $88 at Tate and Yoko.