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Bonhomme’s Latest Bandana is a Life-Saving Accessory

I was never a boy scout, so I never learned a lot of those important life-skills you’re supposed to know. If you’re like me and likely wouldn’t fare well in the wilderness or in a medical emergency, there’s a cheat sheet out there that can make things a lot easier.

Bonhomme has just released their Bandanas 1900, a style based on vintage bandanas given to English soldiers and workers, which feature recreations of a vintage first aid guide. The silk-screened images instruct the user on how to stop serious bleeding with only a bandana! Handy, right? Made in Paris of 100% cotton, these “foulards de premier secours” are an extremely pragmatic take on a classic accessory. Now, no one can say your kerchief is “extra”—it could literally save your life!

Available for €65 (~$75 USD) at Bonhomme.