Mister Freedom’s Ranch Blouse Drops in Bison Leather

You know that now-iconic Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse denim jacket? Well it’s now available in a tanned bison leather.

The MF by Sugar Cane Hooper Collection Ranch Blouse in Bison is the vintage jacket-inspired piece of leather outerwear that the doctor ordered. This garment-weight premium bison leather is sure to cure your style ailments – this, along with some vintage style selvedge denim, and a pair of sturdy leather boots. You don’t even need to break it in, unlike MF’s raw vegetable tanned leather counterparts, bison is nice and soft from the start.

Like all things Mister Freedom, the Bison Blouson is designed with the past in mind, and executed with a bit of flair to set it apart. Made in the USA, it features a vintage silhouette and design, with front reinforcing pleats, asymmetrical chest pockets, Wrangler-inspired Mister Freedom ‘M’ tonal pocket stitching, rivet reinforcements, front and back yoke reinforcements, adjustable cuffs, rounded collar, MF-branded metal snaps, corduroy lined cuffs and collar, and a custom Sportsman tag.

Available for $1,635 from HINOYA.