Indigo x Black Selvedge Jeans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Most jeans feature an indigo warp and white weft, which produces a primarily indigo exterior with just hints of white peaking through. But for the seasoned denimhead indigo and black wefts are often seen as an attractive proposition. Not only do they give the denim a more consistently dark hue but these dark wefts help to produce higher contrast fades. Today we’re exploring indigo/black denim: perfect for those who want something a little off the beaten track.

1) 3sixteen: Shadow Selvedge

3sixteen’s Shadow Selvedge helped to popularize the indigo/black denims that are so popular these days, and they remain a solid option for anyone looking to get such a pair of jeans. Available in all of 3sixteen’s fits, these jeans are made of 14.5oz. indigo/sulphur-dyed black denim and come paired with custom, gunmetal hardware. Made in San Francisco, these jeans are made to quality standards while remaining affordable for the casual aficionado.

Available for $240 from Two Jacks Denim.

2) Indigofera: Nash in Indigo/Black

Indigofera makes garments that are easy to wear on an everyday basis while still offering some unique details that you won’t find on every other pair of jeans. Made from 14oz. indigo/black denim, these jeans feature tonal stitching, a medium/high rise, and elongated yoke. While they are certainly not like the low-rise tapered jeans that are so popular these days, if these jeans fit your style then they are a fantastic option.

Available for $285 from Franklin & Poe.

3) Fullcount: Super Rough


If you are looking for a pair of indigo/black jeans with some serious texture then Fullcount’s Super Rough jeans are one of the most compelling pairs out there. Made from a highly irregular 15.5Oz. denim that was crafted from long staple Zimbabwean cotton, these jeans feature selvedge details, custom goatskin patch, and Fullcount branded hardware. If you consider texture to be the most important element of denim but want a pair of indigo/black jeans then there is no better option.

Available for $335 from Blue Owl.

4) Freenote: Rios in Indigo/Black


Freenote manages to release a wide range of interesting jeans that don’t break the bank, and their Rios in Indigo/Black are a great example of this. While they don’t feature a ton of super unique details, what they do offer is a solid pair of jeans in a unique colorway with fantastic construction quality. They’re made in the USA from 14.75oz. indigo/black denim with herringbone pocket bags, octagonal back pockets, and copper button fly.

Available for $265 from Mildblend.

5) Studio D’Artisan: 18oz. Panther


Studio D’Artisan’s 18oz. Panther jeans are only on preorder, but if you’re willing to wait then these slubby, indigo/black weft jeans are a great choice. They feature matte black hardware and black herrigonbone pocket bags to complete the whole panther mystique, and have additional flair in the fur back patch and souvenir jacket rayon fabric back pocket lining.

Available for $295 from Okayama Denim.

Plus One – Pure Blue Japan: Indigo/Sumi Ink


Pure Blue Japan’s Indigo/Sumi Ink jeans aren’t cheap, but if you want something truly special and don’t mind paying for it then they are a great option. Made in Japan from a hand dyed 17.5oz. denim that features a natural indigo warp and calligraphy Sumi ink weft, PBJ spared no expense in the construction of these jeans. Finished with a sheepskin patch, iron buttons, and herringbone twill pocket bags, these is no better pair if you are looking for a uniquely beautiful pair.

Available for $815 from Rivet & Hide.