Radiall Supplies A Trio Of Ultimate Lockdown Sweat Suits

Radiall’s Flags Hooded Sweatshirt and Flags Sweatpants are here, just in time for the cold and pandemic-related lockdowns. If this year has taught me anything, it’s the value of having good loungewear, ’cause I haven’t gone out too much… and ’cause you can’t really go pants-less when everyone else is home with you.

Made in Japan from a slew of soft 100% cotton color choices—these sweats and hoods are unwashed—so expect some tightening in the fabric after you wash and line-dry these. The interior and hand pockets brushed for that extra-soft, plush hand feel, so don’t let your significant other near these- you might never get them back.

With Radiall’s branding and adjustable aspects in all the right places, these comfies from Radiall are sweat suits to be proud of.

Hoodies ($195) and sweatpants ($175) are all available at Sonder Supplies