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Relax Gets Old School Athletic With These Mesh Shorts

Remember those shorts from your youth? Yeah, they grew up too, not really, but like, just enough. Known as the Old School Mesh Shorts from Relax, in a timely summer edition, you’ll feel like you’re back in gym class but this time, you probably have less homework….. and more bills. But it’s okay, because just as the brand name suggests, it’s impossible to be worked up in these shorts.

Coming in tasteful colorways like navy, Vegas gold, and forest green, they’re an easy statement piece for the rest of your outfit to coast on – white tee, plain sneakers, or sandals, and go. Made in the Northeast USA, these 100% poly mesh shorts have an updated fit and, pencils on desk drum roll please -pockets! AKA the one weakness of their predecessor. Nothing (pocket-sized) can stop you now.

Available for $75 ($63.75 for Heddels+ Type 2 members) at American Trench