Malibu Pairs Vegan Leather With Malaysian Crepe For Its Colony Sandal

Torn between sandal styles? Agonizing over which silhouette will suit you best and which will still conceal your unsightly toes? Well, maybe there’s a brand you hadn’t considered, ready to solve all your warm-weather footwear problems.

Malibu Sandals has a sandal that bridges two disparate and popular styles: the clog and the huarache. The chunky rubber sole is made from Malaysian crepe rubber and the leather straps are actually a synthetic micro-fiber vegan leather, which makes for a supportive and low-impact sandal.

The vegan outsole lives harmoniously with the chunky crepe outsole and offers tremendous arch support. Currently, these vegan options come in two colorways, beige and walnut, and both have an excellent earthy look that will certainly be enhanced by patina and heavy wear.

Available for $130 at Blue in Green