Here’s Your F/W Cardigan, Courtesy Of A Kind Of Guise

Blue melange is so underrated. Like, grey is the undisputed main character in the melange universe and I fully understand that, but blue melange is like that secondary character that steals the scene every time it’s on-screen and that you want more of but also might be kind of difficult to work with so maybe it doesn’t get the run it absolutely deserves based on merit. Anyways, when blue melange is done well, it hits, and A Kind of Guise did it very well on this Kura Cardigan*.

(*They also know how to do cardigans, and I really can’t stress this enough. If you’re looking for a cardigan that you can just wear all the damn time and this isn’t the one for you, take a look at the full suite. They know how to get cozy at that latitude.)

So, let’s get to the fundamentals: made in Germany from a fluffy, plush wool-alpaca-poly blend yarn and cut roomy, the Kura features a V-neckline, a four-button front placket, and some ornate edge detailing from the narrow loom on the hem.

Fun Cardigans™ are having an extended moment — and I ride extra hard for cardigans of all varieties, including fun ones — but if you’re looking for a daily driver, this one hits.

Available for $298 at Vestis