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This Iron Heart M-65 Is Slicker Than Most

The M-65 has long crossed over from military duty to civilian detail, and many brands have thrown their proverbial jackets into the ring over the years. However, it’s hard to justify repros when originals can be so much more interesting. Unless, of course, you perfectly walk the line of classic styling without alienating repro lovers while injecting new innovations that rival those of the original -which is where Iron Heart‘s M-65 shines through.

Long-time fans will be warmly welcomed by the familiarity of 4 front pockets, a stand-up collar with built-in hood, killer silhouette, and of course that signature olive green color. However, it’s the introductions of game-changers that even Mr. Bickle – well, maybe not the best example – would approve of, that will bring in a new generation of ’65 fans. From game-changing side hand-warmer and internal pockets, a waterproof Japanese Ventile lining to its oiled canvas outer, and corduroy trim, there may be no going back to the original after this.

Available for $574 from Brooklyn Clothing