Let It Snow With Freenote Cloth’s Nep-Ridden Alta Shirt

With nep you can see from space, it’s fitting that this Freenote Cloth Alta Shirt looks like the night sky, all lit up with stars. But instead of hydrogen and helium, the Alta Shirt features an 8.5 oz. wool blend and enough details to pass a light year. For instance, custom horn buttons with enamel fill from Italy to set your shirt apart from anyone else’s on this planet, to subtler details like single-needle stitching and welted pockets to show this is not your first rodeo. But it’s the satin-lined sleeves and back yoke that will ensure a smooth ride for 3 to 4 seasons of the year. Your arms and upper back will thank you!

Sewn in the USA and finished with a classic ranch wear-inspired tag, this shirt is an instant banger and works whether channeling a 50s inspired fit or a modern-day look. And to that, I give a hearty “yee-haw”.

Available for $400 from Manready Mercantile