Support Transparency With Forét’s Ground Corduroy Shirt

“Being more sustainable” and “carbon footprint” have become lazy buzz phrases over the past few years when it comes to the fashion/clothing industry. Most brands will make a pledge to do the right thing when it comes to the well-being of the planet, but few will actually go as far as to turn it into a promise, holding themselves accountable and striving to improve as best they can.

Danish brand Forét has done just that in the form of publishing 2 Responsibility Journals since being founded in 2014. Every facet of their production, goals, and intentions is explained in an informative and honest way. One such goal relates to the fabrics used by the brand and the importance of using mono-fiber fabrics that can be recycled in the future. A great example of this is the brand’s Ground Corduroy Shirt, made from 100% cotton in Macedonia and featuring a trio of fall-ready tones of navy/khaki/olive blocked in a playful yet extremely wearable way.

A fantastic option over a white tee or some fancy fall layering — one that will age in a unique way thanks to the contrasting color blocking — this is an interesting piece that will improve your shirting options whilst supporting a forward-thinking brand.

Available now from Wallace Mercantile priced at $136