Keep Your Neck In Ship Shape With Heimat’s Deck Sweater

Seeing as it’s well into sweater weather, wouldn’t you agree it’s about time a proper sweater came ’round to warm us up? Putting a European touch on a classic American staple is the Heimat Deck Sweater in Ink and Military Green.

Inspired by the sweater of the same name, the Deck Sweater — also known as a GOB sweater — was what the US Navy would wear on the decks of battleships as a tight-fitting, insulation layer. This made-in-Germany rendition has been made from 100% extra fine virgin wool and features hand-sewn cuffs and collar.

The collar of which, by the way, is where this sweater takes the most liberties. Whereas a USN issue sweater would have featured a slightly raised, straight neck,  — like if a turtle neck was a little shy and shrunk — this mock neck is round, proud, and in charge. As a result, you get a little more protection and most importantly, warmth, on those days where the wind is extra invasive. Plus, in the world of crewnecks, it’s about time a more substantial option came through to break up the status quo.

Available for $220 from Clutch Cafe