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The Faces of Nepenthes – Breaking Down Keizo Shimizu’s Multi-Faceted Brand

Much like the carnivorous tropical plant it is named after, the Japanese company Nepenthes isn’t just made up of one part or section. Founded in 1988 by Keizo Shimizu, Nepenthes is a multi-faceted Japanese company that houses some of the most recognizable and unique labels in the heritage, workwear, and high-quality menswear scene.

Most of you reading this will be familiar with Engineered Garments, a prominent menswear label run by a close friend of Shimizu, Daiki Suzuki. But the truth is, Engineered Garments is just one stem of Nepenthes. Today, we’ll be looking at all of the brands that sit under the Nepenthes umbrella, talking about their design direction, inspirations, as what makes them special and unique.


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