Scrub Decks in Warehouse & Co.’s Lot. 4091 Skivvy Shirt

Turning back the clock to the very beginning of the t-shirt, Warehouse & Co. reproduces the Skivvy undershirt popularized by the US Navy during WWII and beforehand. Coming in White and Navy, their take on the original features “S.H.S. 32” stenciled on the front reminiscent of an original if they were marked for athletics or laundry tracking

Speaking of which, these t-shirts include a detail I’ve never seen or heard of before: laundry eyelets…plus rope for that matter, paying homage to when sailors would hang them on a clothesline and tie them to prevent shirts being lost at sea. Shout out to all the hang-dryers out there. Knit using uneven 16-count yarn, these t-shirts are more substantial than your average tee while still possessing a smooth feel. Easy to throw on and wear as a top layer with your favorite pair of jeans, fatigues, or khakis, here is your chance to venture experience a rare breed of t-shirt unlike any other in your wardrobe. And who can say no to a stencil anyway?

Available for $55 from Hinoya.