Don’t Buy Leather? Look No Further than Craighill’s Card Case

First cash was king, then cards took over the throne. Nowadays some would even argue that a physical card is an outdated concept. I, for one, can’t yet bring myself to have yet another aspect of my life exclusively housed digitally within my phone.

It looks like the good people over at Craighill agree with me, as their new Card Case, made from a durable and stylish brushed stainless steel, could be the new home for my plastic currency companions. With space for 9 credit cards or 19 business cards (insert American Psycho reference here) the easy-open hinged lid and slim sleek design mean you’ll never be fumbling around pressing buttons in order to cop your newest jawns. Keep cards alive and stay analog (sort of) by adding this to your EDC.

Available now from Huckberry for just $68