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Loopin’ In with Wonder Looper

In the realm of Japanese menswear, where age-old traditions intertwine with contemporary creativity, iconic brands like Fullcount, Studio D’Artisan, and the rest of the famed Osaka 5 – the Mount Rushmore of Japanese denim – have long held sway, their legacies woven deeply into the fabric of the beloved – and slightly obsessive – heritage menswear fashion niche. 

But these brands are not only trusted for their denim. Many Japanese labels have also taken to producing garments from the selvedge of knitwear, loopwheeled cotton fleece. Loopwheeled cotton has become a staple in the world of quality menswear, with some heads being just as enthusiastic about it as the selvedge denim on their legs. As well as those aforementioned labels, brands like The Strike Gold & Buzz Rickson’s have also cemented themselves as longstanding and trusted producers of loopwheeled cotton sweats.

However, in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, there comes a time when the winds of change blow through, and a new brand emerges to disrupt the established order. Enter Wonder Looper, a name that may be relatively new to the scene but carries the promise of a fresh perspective. 

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of Wonder Looper, exploring the vision and aspirations of its founders, Bahzad Trinos and Risa Saito, the dynamic duo who seek to infuse modernity into the time-tested traditions of Japanese denim and heritage wear. 

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