Slice and Dice with Yasuda Hamono Steel

Study the blade with these fresh Yasuda Hamono Japanese steel knives. You’ve tried Japanese denim, now’s your opportunity to continue the obsession with Japanese craftsmanship, via highly functional cutlery. Time to toss that old supermarket knife, and invest in a knife that will grace the knife block/wall mount/knife drawer of your kitchen for years to come. Just like a high quality garment, a high quality knife will last forever and beyond, if you respect it and keep it clean!

Yasuda Hamono crafts their knives in Seki City, Japan, a city known for its storied history of making knives and samurai swords. This selection of knives are heat-treated, hand-sharpened,  and prep-kitchen tested for performance and longevity. They’re available in four different styles for the variety of cutting techniques you’re bound to come up against, from vegetable-friendly Nakiri knives, to small cut-centric petty knives, YH has all the deep cuts.

Available for $158-$178 from Kiriko.