Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan XX-007 (11 Years, Countless Washes)

For this week’s Fade Friday, we are getting a master class on wearing your damn jeans from Rafdal over in Indonesia. Perfecting his Pure Blue Japan XX-007s for the last 11 years, these jeans have given just about all they can. Like, if the ‘end of the toothpaste tube’ was a pair of jeans, you’d be looking at them.

For more than most of us have consistently done anything, Rafdal has been chipping away at the layers of indigo slow and steady. For the first 4 years, this meant simply wearing them every single day. Yup. After that, he loosened the reigns a bit and had them as part of a rotation for the next several years.

As a result of the regiment, the creasing and whiskering are even starting to disappear let alone the thighs, seat, and lower legs which have basically turned bleach white from excessive wear and countless washes. If there was ever a pair that earned its retirement, it’s this pair – which is probably why they now reside in the cupboard, only brought out and worn for special occasions until our guy decides to hang them up for good.