Channel Your Inner McQueen with Beams+’ Cut-Off Sweatshirt

Steve McQueen’s looks in 1963’s The Great Escape are nothing short of menswear perfection. Besides his khakis, boots, and A-2, the garment that steals the show is undoubtedly his cut-of-sleeve sweatshirt. And while he wasn’t the first guy to rock a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off by a long shot, he certainly immortalized the look.

The latest brand to jump on the cropped-sleeve sweat train is Beams+. Paying homage to the classic style, Beams is releasing its own version which, for a Japanese-made sweatshirt, is well-priced and an affordable way to get into the style without potentially butchering one of your favorite sweats.

Made from 100% cotton, this soft loopback jersey features raglan sleeves, surge hems to mimic a raw look, and comes closed out with an old-school neck tag. The only thing not included is McQueen’s great fade, so fire up your Triumph and get to work, hoss.

Available for $134 from Stag Provisions.